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We have a variety of services for you to choose from.

From a Mini Valet, to a full Detail / Paint Correction, we have everything to suite your needs.

If there is something specific that you require, don't hesitate to call to discuss.

Exterior Clean

- From £25 - 

With our basic service you are sure to have a great finish to your vehicle once complete. We will de-greased and snow-foam the bodywork and start the wash with a lambswool mitt. The under arches, door and boot jams will also be cleaned, along with the alloy wheels. We will then treat your bodywork with a sprayed sealer and drying aid. Finished with a hand dry, spray wax, glass polished and tyres shined.

The interior will be treated with air purification with Biocide.

Full Valet

- From £60 - 

Our Full Valet adds a full clean of your interior to the Mini Valet Service for a complete freshen-up of your vehicle.

Adding to the cleaning of your bodywork, we will use our specialist industrial vacuum to remove dust and debris from your carpets and materials. We will tend to light stains to remove them and treat your plastics and leather to improve their appearance. Surfaces will be disinfected along with air purification with Biocide.

Detail / Paint Correction

- From £210 - 

Bring out the best in your bodywork our Detailing and Paint Correction service.

Pre-inspection required due to variety of bodywork and overall size of vehicle.

Aditional Services

Tar Removal by Clay Bar

- From £POA -

Machine Polish from

- £POA -

Headlight Restoration

- From £25 per light -

Interior Deep Clean inc. Dash, Trim Cleaned and Dressed, plus Sanitized with Biocide

- From £POA -

Cabriolet Roof Clean & Treatment

- From £80 -

Engine Bay Detail

- From £50 -


Ceramics (POA)

Call James now to book your Valet: 07521 635803

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